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The Vapor oil cartridge comes with a 1 gram of highly concentrated cannabis oil. Super High Potency Vapor Cartridge. So, the process of creating this oil is what gives Vapor OilV the uniquely smooth and subtle high-quality smoking experience.

New and More Potent

1g Cartridges.

Lab Tested Results For Super High Potency Vapor Cartridge

Active Ingredients: 100% Clean CO2 Cannabis with no additives.

Our CO2 extracted amber oil and Molecular Separated distillate are unmatched in quality and potency. As such we see the need to keep our oil as clean and pure as possible. This is why we never use PG, VG, PEG, or any synthetic additives.

Our strain-specific terpene profiles have undergone rigorous testing, evaluation, and critique in order to provide quality, flavorful oil. We believe this is the way cannabis should be!

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